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Hemituner Performance OE Replacement Billet "ZF Style" Differential (2015+ HEMI Cars)

Product Code: HPTHPTD
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We just can't break it!!!

The Units are using Factory ZF internals that are in the end very durable given the Ring gear is a very robust 9 inch gear, not to mention the Pitch Line is much more efficient than a traditional 9 inch. If you are going the Traditional 9 inch you are really stuck with the 9310 Pro gear to take the Punishment not to mention the 2.6 or 3.0 gear combo for the 8 speed group is a custom gear set.  This package is the best of both worlds for the street warrior; strength, durability, and factory fit, at about half the price of a full 9 inch conversion.

Please call to order a bundle package that includes upgraded axles and driveshaft.