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AAD WK1 Billet Adjustable Control Arms (2006-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee) - AADWK1A

Product Code: AADWK1A
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Our test parts are working great, so we are going ahead with a limited run! We are making ten sets to start, but are gonna presale the first five at a discount to help cover the material and anodize costs. These are built with 5mm of camber correction built in at the neutral setting, and from there can move 8mm either direction to get you anywhere from slightly negative from stock to quite a bit positive. We are still working on exactly what settings get people where, but we will work with our early adopters as far as extra adjustment tabs and things...


These are built the same as our top of the line Charger/Challenger fronts, with Spheriflex bushings in them, and stainless FK Teflon lined spherical bearings, with taper shafts and everything except the bolts all made custom here in Kansas City out of 17-4 stainless.