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Procharger HO Supercharger (Complete Kit) (2018 6.4L Dodge Durango SRT8) - 1DL215-SCI

Product Code: 1DL215-SCI
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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated
2018 Dodge Durango - Big Power for a Big SUV

For those Dodge Durango owners wanting more performance to enjoy the daily drive or the occasional towing and hauling, we have great options for you.

Our HO Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 supercharger for 6.4L delivers an extra 200 ponies (675+ Horsepower!!) to help get that Durango down the road quickly. Our systems have everything you need and can be installed over the weekend in your garage with just some basic hand tools. Or if you prefer, one of our professional dealers can install it for you and have you on road in no time.
For those seeking even more power and plan to modify their exhaust or engine, our Intercooled Tuner Kits give you the freedom to tailor the boost you want based on overall goals and engine capability along with fuel type. Tuner Kits require a professional tuner and our dealers would be happy to assist you with your performance mods.

Note: This system is complete with tuning (ready to go and have everything you need), can install yourself or have someone install it for you.

Highly Effective 3-core air-to-air intercooler. Optional 3-Year Warranty. Proven serpentine driven system. Higher boost and power levels available for modified engines. No hood modifications required. OEM quality and appearance. Easiest and quickest installation. Designed and manufactured in the USA. Complete Kits come with injectors, map sensor and tuning.

2018 6.4L Dodge Durango SRT8