HHP Racing COMP Cams Limiter Camshaft & BES Ported Cylinder Head Installation Package for 5.7/6.4L VVT

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We get asked a lot of questions about what all goes into a VVT HEMI camshaft package. Since we did the majority of the R&D testing for Comp Cams on the HEMI cars, and we do a lot of installation of these packages in our shop we decided to put the total turnkey package together. This package is for stock engines only. If you have a power adder such as a supercharger, nitrous or a stroker engine, please contact us for a more customized package.


  • HHPVVTCamPkg: 270 or 274 Cam
  • 180 Degree Thermostat Install Plus Coolant
  • Fluids & Filters Required for Installation, Oil Etc.
  • Labor Charges for Installation
  • Custom HHP Dyno & Street Tuning
  • Ported Cylinder Heads (Stock Hollow Stem Valves, PSI Springs & Retainers) & Core Shipping Charges
  • New Spark Plugs

If you have a 6-Speed Car you will need:

  • COMP Cams Camshaft (included)
  • COMP Cams 5761CPG Phase Limiter (included)
  • Our Spring/Retainer/Locator Kit (Add Unless You Are Ordering Our Stage 3 Ported Heads With Them Already Included)
  • Custom PCM (Engine) Tuning

*Manual Transmission cars do not need Non-MDS Lifters or the head bolts and gaskets needed for the installation of the lifters.

If you have an Automatic Transmission Car you will need:

  • COMP Cams Camshaft (included)
  • COMP Cams 5761CPG Phase Limiter (included)
  • Head Bolts & Gaskets (Add On)
  • Non-MDS Lifters (Add On)
  • Our Spring/Retainer/Locator Kit (Our Stage 2 6.4L and Stage 3 5.7L Heads come with these already installed)
  • Custom Tuning for PCM (Engine) & TCM (Trans) Tuning*

Automatic cars must remove the weaker MDS lifters from the engine in order to run one of these more aggressive camshafts and the only way to change the lifters is to remove the heads off of the engine.

Special Notes:
1. 2009 model year 5.7L R/T cars will need to have their PCM's upgraded to 2010 Calibrations to be tuned*
2. 2011 thru 2014 R/T cars typically require custom trans tuning to raise shift points. We have TCM options*

*For more information, please give HHP a call today.