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Karma Racing Products Performance Aluminum Radiator (2005-2018 LX/LC) - LXLCKARMARAD

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High Horse Performance is Veteran Owned & Operated

Karma Racing Products brings you a new High Performance Radiator for your LX/LC

"¢ DeWitts Radiator produce the finest "High Performance" aluminum cores in the industry.
"¢ Features a double row (1" tubes) core with aluminum fill neck.
"¢ 2 Ìâå_" thick core
"¢ 1 Ìâå_" SRT upper hose inlet
"¢ 1 gallon additional capacity
"¢ Pressure tested to 25 lb.'s
"¢ Aluminum Tanks and OEM mounting brackets.
"¢ Direct fit "Ò Installs with zero modifications.
"¢ Includes bung for aftermarket sensors

"Ò "Black Ice" finish.
Black Ice is a unique product specifically designed for coating aluminum radiators. This two-part epoxy paint will adhere to raw aluminum and will never flake or peel. As the formula cures, the solvents evaporate and the product shrinks, to form a skin as little as .002" thin. This semi-gloss "thin skin" will protect the aluminum surface and will not affect cooling performance whatsoever