HHP/BES Stage 1R "Rumbler" Custom Camshaft: 6.1L SRT-8 Installation & Tuning Package HHP61CAM1RIP

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Many of our competitors list their cam specs based off of a 1.65 or 1.70 rocker ratio. What this typically does is inflate the cam specs to make their cams appear larger than our grinds when in fact they may not be. In all actuality, our 530 lift camshaft can actually be larger than our competitors 560 lift camshaft. STAGE 1R SPECS (Based off a 1.60 rocker ratio*): Gross Valve Lift: .529 Intake & .534 Exhaust Tappet Lift at 0.006 Duration: 271/Intake & 277/Exhaust LSA: 112 (installed TDC) Rated Stage 1R Camshaft Dyno Numbers: Approximately 25-35 Horsepower This Stage 1R cam is designed and tested to work without the need for accompanying engine modifications such as expensive valve spring upgrades, saving you hundreds of dollars. Availability: In stock, ready for installation. Let our expert techs who are trained and certified by Chrysler on your vehicle do the installation and you'll never have anything to worry about. We are the experts in this field and stand behind out parts and our work. Notes: 1. This Installation Package includes camshaft, labor, dyno tuning and all required fluids. 2. Installation Packages include any fluids required & Oil Change performed using Royal Purple Oil & K&N Performance Oil Filter. 3. Installation Package requires a Diablosport tuner (Predator, Intune or Trinity) which is not included in the package price. If you are interested in having anything else done at the same time, just let us know. Our tech's are awesome and trained on these vehicles which is why most manufacturer's recommend us as the leading East Coast installer for the HEMI vehicle's. Don't trust just anyone to work on your baby.