DISCONTINUED ProTorque Pro Drive 8HP70 Torque Converter for 15-Current HEMI Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep 5.7/6.4L - 127-PD-8HPCSD

Product Code: 127-PD-8HPCSD-7
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Specific stator and turbine modifications perfectly match the 8-Speed ZF transmission's torque curve.

There is literally no loss of drivability. While many torque converter manufacturers are focused simply on stall-speed (the amount of torque converter slip), Pro-Torque understands that torque multiplication and efficiency are the key to performance. Reliability is increased as well as performance. Billet Stator Furnace-braze fins for strength Torrington thrust bearings. Improved lock-up clutches for better converter lockup. This is a direct bolt on part that does not affect the stock computer although transmission tuning vastly improves your results as we know.

Fits Dodge, Chrysler, Ram and Jeep powered vehicles with the 8-Speed 8HP70 Transmission. This torque converter comes in various stall speeds. For your standard street and strip Hellcat builds we use the 2600-2800 stall converter and for high horsepower race builds (1000+ HP dual power adder or high boost stroker combinations) we use our tighter 2000-2200 stall converter. The lower stall, tighter converter is only for your big horsepower, high torque setups and will not benefit the average build whereas the 2800 stall converter is perfect for most vehicles.

HORSEPOWER RATING: Up to 1200HP, Tested Up To 1500.

CORE CHARGES: Currently, converter cores are not available and you must opt to send in your converter to be built. If you are unavailable, we can source a replacement, new, converter for you from MOPAR to be built. Due to multiple converter sizes, contact our sales department with the last 8 of your VIN number to start your order.

When ready to send in your converter, please print and include a copy of your original HHP invoice in the box.

Ship Cores To:

Boninfante ProTorque
HHP Orders
555 Industrial Park Drive
Yeadon, PA 19050

AND Follow These Packing Instructions, save your tracking number and please, if possible, send it to us <Notify HHP> so that we can track your shipment as well.