Diablosport Do Not Reprogram OBD2 Port Cover - C2000

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Customers that have recently been to the dealership and had their Diablo program overwritten by the OEM tune will love this product. When your computer is flashed, and your DiabloSport Predator or inTune is plugged in, you will get an error that the programmer is already locked to another vehicle (in this case it is YOUR vehicle that just got reflashed by the dealership!!!). Customers are then stuck without the ability to use their tuner without getting in touch with DiabloSport and having us run a process to get them back up and running. Why go through all that when you can let the dealership know "DO NOT REPROGRAM" before they even touch your truck? The DiabloSport OBD-II Port Cover is perfect for the owner of a highly modified vehicle that may have a custom tune in the PCM. This OBD-II port cover will let a dealership or any other workshop know that they should NOT flash your vehicle's computer under routine maintenance.

OBD2 Port Cover (Do Not Reprogram)

Fits all ODB2 Vehicles