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DeatschWerks 1100cc Hellcat Injectors - 17MX-03-1100-8

Product Code: 17MX-03-1100-8
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DeatschWerks is announcing the release of the new Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcat high flow fuel injector line. This new line is the first Hellcat specific injector utilizing the Bosch EV14 xT nozzle design, replicating the OE nozzle placement for precise fuel delivery. Flow rates are available in 850cc and 1100cc, which on the 6.2L supercharged motor can support a range of up to 1000-1300 whp. As customers have come to appreciate with DW products, the injectors are 100% PnP fitment, with everything included for installation, as well being as fully flow matched and balanced. Injector calibration data is provided in easy to use Chrysler specific format and has been fully in-car validated.