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BWoody Performance Rear Lateral Toe Arms for 18-Current Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk & Durango SRT Hellcat - 510.4008

Product Code: 510.4008
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Woody Jeep Trackhawk / Durango Hellcat Rear Lateral Toe Arms

After experiencing some extreme wheel hop at the Track with our Stock Trackhawk, we did some investigating and found that the Rear lateral tow arm on the passenger side of the vehicle had bent!
We noticed that these tow arms are the same that are used on a Standard V6 Jeep Grand Cherokee, they simply cant handle the trackhawks power!!
We have created a set of upgraded Tow Bars, which are 30% larger than stock and will significantly reduce wheel hop!

Don't let this happen to you!!!

Benefits of upgrading to Delrin Race Bushings:

  • More positive feel, firmer ride
  • Less lateral movement
  • Recommended for High HP builds.

Hybrid Setup: **highly recommended**

  • Includes half polyurethane & half delrin bushings
  • Delrin bushings will be on the frame side of the control arm.
Note: Requires the use of a non-washable synthetic grease (such as a marine grade or a never seize lubrication on the faces of the bushings and routine lubrication for increased life of the bushings)